Programs & Services

Thank you for your interest in our network’s treatment programs for those struggling with eating and body image issues. We house a multidisciplinary team that has been offering personally-tailored, outpatient treatment of eating and body image disturbance in Kansas City since 1993.

Specialists will work with you to determine if treatment is needed and help develop your individual treatment plan. Treaters at InSight include an eclectic blend of psychodynamic, family systems, cognitive-behavioral, Maudsley approach, mindfulness, body image work, and nutrition-focused counseling using cognitive & behavioral restructuring. Services offered at InSight include:

  • Individual Therapy

    with an experienced therapist to help individuals establish and maintain a healthy orientation toward food and exercise while attaining a healthy body image. Specialized areas of focus include Anorexia, Bulimia, Compulsive Overeating, as well as body image and exercise disturbance.

  • Nutritional Counseling

    by specialized, Registered Dietitians providing individualized treatment to those with eating issues. Using many visual, auditory and experiential tools, they help individuals learn how to eat and trust their bodies, replacing harmful practices and thoughts with balanced eating and exercise. A new relationship with food is established along with improved health and quality of life.

  • Family Therapy

    designed to help the family learn how to support their loved one struggling with the Eating Disorder while encouraging the development of healthy eating and body image. Also, to help family members recognize and change patterns in their ways of interacting, which keep them from developing the family relationships they desire.

  • Group Therapy

    as an adjunct to individual therapy or as the sole treatment modality (when clinically indicated) to explore disordered eating issues, body image, and wellness.

  • Medical

    referral to and collaboration with physicians specializing in the care of those with eating issues.

  • Referral

    to the most helpful community resources.

  • Presentations and Workshops

    to promote prevention and awareness for the community about Eating Disorders and to train professionals interested in treating individuals struggling with eating issues.

Additional Services Available at InSight
  • General Psychotherapy
  • General Family and Couples Therapy
  • Nutritional Consultation for Athletes, Diabetes and PCOS
  • Treatment for Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Struggles and Trauma